Dear New Client,

Thank you for finding me, and thank you for your interest in astrology.

Once you have read and agree to his information on my policies and practices, please return to this page to book your session:  https://planetaryastrology.org/shop/astrology-sessions/


For Your Comfort
For those who are allergic, my consultation space has two cats in residence.  When face to face meetings are not possible for this or other reasons, such as distance, I also conduct sessions by telephone, FaceTime, Zoom Meeting Room, or Skype.

Caveats and Ethics
I generally do not consult for people under age 18, or for third parties (your housemate, your mother-in-law, et al).  I am not a medical practitioner and cannot give you medical advice.  I am not a lawyer and cannot advise on legal matters.  I cannot give financial or investment guidance.

I adhere to the code of ethics outlined by the American Federation of Astrologers.

Consultation Length
I understand tight budget constraints, but please note that it is very difficult to get down to business and provide any meaningful first consultation in something less than 90 minutes.


I am generally booked two to four weeks out, clients sometimes need to shift or reschedule, and, when needed, I keep a waitlist for those hoping for an earlier session slot.

How To Book
(1) Select a consultation length from the Booking list. (2) Pay via PayPal Buy Now buttons, located under each time option. (3) Use the Contact Me form to send your name, birth date, exact time, city, state/country.  Please include your telephone number and email address.

What Happens Once You Book
Once I receive notice of your payment, I will contact you so that we may discuss a mutually agreeable time for the session.  Please know that at the end or beginning of a calendar year, I am generally booked three to four weeks out.  At most other times, I’m usually have openings about two weeks out.

Cancellation Policy
Once an appointment is paid and calendared, I hold that time for you.  To cancel for a full refund, I require 48 hours notice.  For cancellation in any timeframe less than 48 hours, I retain $75.  On chart session days, I usually book successive appointments with only a short break between. If you are late, I cannot guarantee that you will get the full amount of time.  A naughty few have required this policy which applies to all.  By booking, you understand and agree.


As an Astrologer, I provide consultations to adult individuals and businesses.

Your first consultation with me is about your natal chart.  It covers the influences at the moment of your birth.  Astrology is like a report of road conditions with a weather report. Some situations may be seen as more challenging than others, but choices in how you navigate are always up to you. Over time, you will use the gifts and impediments in your chart and in your life differently.  Someone born at the same moment will respond differently than you, because you each have different experiences.

Once I have seen your chart we can move to look at the energetics assembling on your path currently, and in the very near term.  There are several ways to do this. We’ll examine things to see which astrological assessment approach may best be used at this time.

Is Astrology Divination, or a Psychic Reading?

Your natal chart is a kind of map of the solar system at the time of your birth. Astrology is a symbolic language. Trained astrologers are fluent in that language, and translate the symbols into the narrative represented by your birth chart.  It differs from psychic work in that a psychic has a gift for receiving impressions.  Most methods of divination, such as Tarot, use a symbolic language, but rely upon chance and, with the exception of casting lots, does not have a personalize origin for the elements used.

What Astrology Does and Does Not Do

My position is that you have an ability to connect with the situations, people and choices that make you and your life unique.  Many people interested in spiritual or esoteric studies are also aware of innate human intuition and instinct.  That can be likened to a compass. Through stress or other disconnection, we often lose its facility.  There may be astrological reasons for “fog” or “disruption,” and an astrologer may define a timeframe or tools to emerge from that.

Another reason clients seek an astrologer, is due to a sense of “mission creep.”  That feeling that one needs to get out the map or stop to ask a local.  My mission in consulting with you is to uncover or recover your natural fortification, support your timing and capacity to reconnect, redirect, and regain or build a sense of confidence in your unique path.

My personal belief that we arrive in the world with intentions and inclinations that we may follow or ignore throughout life.  The results are the path we take, the experiences we invite, and the  people we meet, the results we own.  Under the best circumstances, we learn to converse with our own compass, or “wise autonomy” (as phrased by Esther / Abraham Hicks).  Astrology should be helpful and supportive in that regard.

Astrology Cannot Replace Counseling 

There are times in life when a person feels emotionally or psychologically lost.   I think that when one needs medical help, it is time for a doctor.  Likewise, when one needs emotional help, it is time for a counselor or psychologist.  Back to the local traveler metaphor:  an astrologer is about the road and the map.  If your vehicle needs maintenance, that is an important matter for a different kind of professional.

Thank You

I appreciate your consideration and look very much forward to working with you.


(c) Donna Ellis 2016 – 2019