Baby Boy Sussex Natal Chart Koch House System

Here is the natal chart of Archie Harrison, the newborn son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  The birth location was not announced, so I used London.

A few notes on the chart provided below.

Read an announcement of the baby’s birth, here:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to reveal the name of their son, but with all going on in the world at the moment, their story and their baby constitue a giant beam of stabilizing love and sunshine. 

A number of people have asked me about his natal chart, so we’ll have a look, with one caveat.  For those who may be clients, my ethical rule is not to do complete sessions for infants.  “The astrologer said he’s a soccer player,” places too much pressure on the child, and gives too many expectations to the parents.  Everyone adjusts differently to life.  While we can see a bit of how the child’s personality and needs may unfold, a child’s talents and enthusiasms shouldn’t be subject to preordained pinpoint direction.

In this case, of course, we know the baby is born to royalty.  A certain amount of direction will come with being part of a high profile family.  Example setting and leadership would be expected, even if he is seventh in line to the throne. 

Right now, his first house Sun in Taurus, and his Moon in Gemini stand out. This tells us a bit about how he may feel in the world and to the world, through illumination and reflection.  The other thing that leaps out is the Saturn-Pluto retrograde conjunction at his Midheaven. 

This is a baby who likely appreciates being comfortable and warm, well-fed, and well-loved.  Taurus likes creature comforts and at this early stage, the closeness of his parents makes for a happy baby, especially in a peaceful setting.  Going forward, he may like to get his hands on things, as all babies do, but Taurus babies can have quite a grip.  He may raise a big fuss over loud noises, tardy meal time, unpleasant foods.  Some of the fussiness may be difficult to pin down, but remember the senses with a Taurus child.  If someone is wearing strong perfume or speaks in above-average conversational tones, that may be the culprit. Warm up your hands before you dress a Taurus baby or you’ll discover the strength of his resistant body and be surprised by the range of his vocal capacity.  

The Moon in Gemini says he’ll need variety in learning and stimulation. He may move quickly from one toy to another, and later have many friends.  

Here’s a something to consider for those of you who are leaning astrology, or who come to my monthly group.  This natal moon is void of course. This means that the moon made no major aspects at the time of his birth.  Aspects indicate a kind of conversation between one luminary or point and another. In this case, the moon was not in actual conversation.  With the Moon “quiet” and intellectual, and the chart ruler Venus, along with the Moon ruler Mercury, both in the 12th house, there is a sense of subdued or quiet intellect.  With the 12th house, much is done internally, behind the scenes or in contemplation.  Each of those planets is in Aries, and recharging may only be possible in quiet space, sorting values and processes in a self-sufficient way.  A dominance of planets on the eastern half of the chart further fortifies the notion of self-reliance for decision making.  

Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus echo this baby’s grandfather, Prince Charles, who has Moon 00Taurus at the top of his own natal chart, and his great-grandmother, the Queen, has her Sun at 00Taurus.  

Taurus is heritage, land, security, and wealth of the variety that speaks of responsibility, not of flashy purchases for the sake of showing off.  Although Uranus is the planet of surprise and chaos, it is also the planet of sudden genius.  For those who are young enough to watch this child develop over the coming decades, it will be interesting to see who he becomes.  

For those who are looking at the two heavy planets at the top of the chart, remember that this child is not born into ordinary surroundings.  Saturn and Pluto in the 10th house say government and even transformative authority.  By his birth to an English Prince, and an American mother whose own ancestry is half Black, he has already transmogrified (Pluto) the status (Saturn) of authority (10th house).  Again, look at the Sun Taurus and Gemini Moon in first house.  The house is ruled by Venus; values.  Who he is, on a daily basis, shines the brightest light on values (Venus chart ruler), stability (Taurus) and mirrors the environment (Moon) of variety (Gemini), in the world and to the world (1st house). 

Prince Harry’s influence is evident at the Midheaven for this child, not only by Saturn but by Capricorn, Harry’s rising sign and chart ruler.  The influence in the home, at the IC 18 Cancer, speaks to the feminine influence of all things Moon. The Duchess of Sussex has Mars in Cancer, so her physical presence plays an important role in his psychological development.  This forms, to him, the deepest roots of a family unit, and the needs in the home he eventually makes as an adult.  It is possible that the idea of his grandmother, Diana (Sun 09 Cancer) is also in these roots and in part of what he learns in early childhood. 

It is interesting to note that Baby Sussex’s dad, grandpa, and great-granddad (Prince Philip) all have earth sign Saturn. 

A word about the retrograde planets. When I see retrograde planets, I think of things in that realm as ripening later in life, or as a point of mature focus.  It could be that Mercury, for example, is retrograde, and requires mature focus to ensure clear communication.  They also show up as the most useful when highlighted by transit.  In this chart, there is a sense of the authority he deals with in boyhood as well as an idea  that the authority he becomes is the result of a field of intense focus. In other words, not an authority on small talk. There is a kind of Scorpio detective quality in this, and maybe a bit of deep mystery.  Consider also the Neptune Pisces, in a facilitating aspect to both the Midheaven/Saturn/Pluto combination, and to the Taurus Ascendant and Sun.  Ideals, charity, and groups may characterize the atmosphere of what is important to his life work, and to gravitas in maturity.

If you’re an astrologer, I’d like to know what you’re thinking. 

(c) Donna Ellis 2019

Baby Boy Sussex Natal ChartBaby Boy Sussex

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