April Retrograde Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn: Foundation for the Future

Three planets go retrograde this month, April of 2019:

Jupiter Rx 24Sagittarius, 4/10 (D 14Sagittarius, 8/11)
Pluto Rx 23Capricorn, 4/24 (D 20Capricorn, 10/03)
Saturn Rx 20Capricorn 4/29 (D 13Capricorn 9/18)

Do Planets Go Backwards?
Planets do not actually go backwards when they retrograde, but appear that way to the eye of the beholder. We might say this trick of the eye allows us to see the object on a different or altered path of orbit. This may help in understanding why astrologers consider retrograde motion, by transit (transit is contemporary movement of the planets in the sky), to be connected with reconsidering, or seeing something again, or differently during that time. It maybe that we backing into something another way. The characteristics of the planet in retrograde are a key to what in our lives might “re-.” Ex: Something signed while Mercury is retrograde may need to be resigned or even rewritten.

Jupiter, in general, wants to make things richer, happier, more amiable, and failing that, bigger. On the most basic personal level, spring and summer this year might be a good time to reconsider how to imbue your life (or at least the Sagittarius part of your natal chart) with a little more of those positive Jupiter traits.

Because Jupiter is currently in Sagittarius, and Sag is ruled by Jupiter, there are similar, cross-over, or even double duty inferences to be considered. Sag is lawyers, judges, college, professors. Is there enough building for them?  Also, independence, foreign travel. On the world stage, for example, we may see things re-litigated. Or things re-examined regarding higher education, religion, foreign travel and trade.

When Jupiter in Sag recently was square (square aspect challenges us) Neptune in Pisces, we saw much about bringing pedophile priests to justice, and we have just learned that an investigation of a college entry coach (Jupiter had been in Scorpio) revealed how he and his wealthy parent clients cheated to get already prosperous, children into big colleges. The parents used Neptunian terms to describe they were enchanted by the idea of benefiting their children. Similarly, in congressional testimony, an attorney described how he had become enchanted with his client, and the client’s wealth.

It is interesting that these three planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, are inviting us to “re-” the work of their meaning, and places that they transit in our own realm. Individually, we may want to do some soul-searching about what we want for our own, and our collective, future. From their current positions, the eventual for each planet will be Aquarius, and its “for the good of all” direction.

Just as we discussed around the New Moon in Aries, work done personally, now and until December, will lay a foundation for the next several years. Pluto has destroyed the prior foundation for the purpose of restructuring. Saturn entered Capricorn to accept that job.

Saturn is about boundaries, usefulness, structure, the long-term. Jupiter will join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, asking, “How can I make this bigger and more beneficial?” Beneficial is a word that neither Saturn or Pluto are really fond of, so you must decide which benefits of structure and transformation you wish to make so. Jupiter in Capricorn will make boundaries bigger, unless we set parameters. Jupiter will make duty bigger, unless we determine our boundaries.


He’s been hard at work since 2008, destroying/transforming Capricorn matters, such as patriarchy, government, property, places of confinement, monuments. Pluto destroys, it’s “the nuclear option.” Archeology is a positive associate of Pluto, but so are epidemics, rape, anything underhanded, with an alias or alibi. Sexual energy and genitals are also Pluto, and other things associated with regeneration, such as sewage disposal, birds that eat carrion, and serpents. In the world, we see transformation happening around old ways and boundaries, or lack thereof, such as exposure of sexual abuse.


The perception of this planet (and Capricorn which it rules) is of stodgy, civil service types. The planet may feel comforting after discussion of Pluto. In fact, in tough times or sudden trouble, how many of us have looked to batten down the hatches. Saturn parameters, insistence upon usefulness, and thoughts of structuring the future are valuable. Saturn teaches the long-term rewards of patience, reliability and work. In our social structure, the next couple of years will be asking us and the world around us to get the foundation right.

What Might We Do?

The focus of the near future (now to 2022-2023) will set the stage for longterm plans on social ideas and the collective, people and innovation (Aquarius). The question is, “For whom?” A philosophy (Jupiter) of use (Saturn) that digs up the right transformation (Pluto), may be something for each of us to remake and revitalize between now and December.

(c) Donna Ellis 2019

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