Work With the Friction

Is someone juggling the planets? What a mess.

In some way, we all feel that things are up in the air.  Mercury Retrograde is part of it, but not the whole picture.

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces. The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Retrograde is an introspective time. This can play out in Pisces as compassionate but dramatic and theatrical, creative but lost, and other strange and diluted versions of things that might feel like outside opposition if it wasn’t just right there tripping you up.

Bigger Picture 

Larger forces (outer planets) are at work on the collective path.  They have been asking us to decide how we want the future to be, and that future is almost here. Right now, this month, is actually a great time to work from within, for ourselves and in service to the greater good. 

Reset your own compass.  Put yourself in the best position to feel secure, sovereign and ready to move forward. Rather than feel that the elements are against us, each of us might hoist our sails and let the storm take us someplace. Take it on. Work it.  Persevere.

Waning Moon and Mercury Rx Juju

In astrology, the Moon and Mercury are two very personal planets. With Moon waning and Mercury Rx, each is asking us to go inward. Meanwhile, the outer planets are asking us to think outside the philosophical box. They are asking us to clear the area, personal and collective, so new structures can form over the next two years.  If we refuse to choose, and if we do not prepare, structures and forms will happen anyway. 

First, the moon schedule, so you see the road ahead.

Month of Aries (Mar 20 – Apr 19) Moons: 

Full Moon 00 LIbra, March 20

New Moon 15 Aries, April 5

Full Moon 29 Libra, April 19 

Definitions, for those who prefer them.

Full Moon is the culmination of things.  New Moon is fresh beginnings.  Early degrees of a zodiac sign (in this case, a few minutes into zero degrees Libra) have a kind of spirited response, or sometimes rude awakening quality.  The middle degrees (as when moon is at 15 Aries) are things at full gallop.  The last degree of the sign may be considered adept at all that sign has to offer (in this case, 29 degrees Libra).  Libra is about harmony, balance, one-to-one.  Aries is courageous, forward moving, head first, fiery.  These signs are opposite one another in the zodiac and you can see why, characteristically.  This can bring intriguing differences, or just friction. 

Friction can be useful. Especially with outer planets positioned to make things feel, simultaneously over-sized, diluted, confused, disrupted, destroyed, and blocked.  

If you feel so inclined, you can get a lot of work done right now, but it does require work, and focus.  How?  Like the Pisces fish of this Mercury Rx, accept a dual assignment, using polarity as friction.

Working Both Sides of the Energy
As of today, the moon has lost enough light to be truly deemed diminishing.

Step one: release.
Make a little “out box” or “aloha suite” for negativity, such as a dish you use for burning (because we’ll be doing that later). Write out the negative things that cross your mind, including any old tapes, anything that surfaces as negative. Tear them into pieces as you tell them it is time to go their own way.  Add to those pieces as you need to until the hours before the new moon (more on that in a moment). 

If you work this, it is likely that you will feel momentum to releasing.  If you’ve felt foggy, you may begin to get your edge back.  When that key turns, start to make a list of what will replace the negativity.  Nature abhors a vacuum, as does metaphysics.  Make the positive work mostly about you, personally, to fortify you. Write simple, clear affirmations, or just write affirmative words.  Then add something positive to the mix on behalf of the collective (justice, parity, beauty, etc.)  

You may notice as you write to banish negative concepts, that negativity has a pattern. Even in its infinite variety, some part of negativity usually gets itself fed and therein lies its sticking power.  Rhythm and repetition help. Have some words or phrases that you can repeat in order to replace those patterns effectively. Don’t wait for them to come up.  Smile knowingly as you mutter them to yourself as you prep the shower in the morning.  Stir your coffee in a clockwise direction as you mentally repeat something affirmative about life, rather than negative about Monday. 

Positive, desirable stories and words, repeated like mantra or prayer.  Mantra repeated in such abundance that the negativity has no fodder. 

Clear physically as well.  Don’t just purge, organize. While you clean, tell yourself the desirable things, and repeat desirable words. If things look empty after a purge, tell what you kept to take up energetic space.  Or, use something like, “By the power of this cleaning, all that is diluted, confused, blocked is gone. My compass is set. There’s fire in the belly for sure-footed forward movement.”  

Work that positive self talk angle. Don’t leave it out.  It can be difficult to make private time for it, but do.

Especially important as when we approach the New Moon. Now that you’re devoting less energy to being against something, you want to be for something. 

Step two: Gather some edgy but positive energy for yourself. The 24 hours before the New Moon, leave it behind, Aries style. Use fire to burn those little pieces of paper.  Release them so something can be constructed.  

Step three: Once the New Moon begins to gain light, work on your inner consummate genius.  As we grow with the light to the Full Moon at 29 Libra, on April 19th, focus upon the thing at which you wish to become adept. 

As we get closer to the New Moon, join the (free) online live gathering to learn more, and be ready to jump on that growing energy that is sparked by full gallop 15 Aries. 

RSVP here for live, free Zoom session (March 30, 2019, 11am CDT), or to get link to replay on Vimeo.

(c) Donna Ellis 2019

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