Chart of 116th Congress

Chart US 116th Congress (Donna Ellis, Astrologer)

January 04, 2019 10:30 CST

As an astrologer, I track the energy that flows by transit around events, entities, or individuals. As a life-long news hound, I am especially interested in the energy around current events and historical events. I do not claim that any of the public people or entities discussed here are in any way involved with astrology, but they are publicly at work with the energy that I, as an astrologer, track.  

Right now, I anticipate commencement activity for the US 116th Congress. This is scheduled for 12:00 pm EST, Thursday, January 4, 2019, just a few minutes from the time I write this entry.  

My initial observation and what I think I may track are as follows.  (Chart image provided. I use the Koch house system.)

For the 116th Congress, nine luminaries are above the horizon. If a person, this would be the chart of someone who is in the public eye, or comfortably seeks it.  

The personality of the chart, Ascendant, and first house, are in Aries. This is a chart ruled by Mars, with Uranus, retrograde in Aries, also in the first house.   With this, we already have a chart that could mean active, driven (Aries) chaos, surprises, or even sudden genius (Uranus).  Retrograde Uranus  “We’ve been here before,” or re-examining Aries Uranus issues.  With Uranus on its final retrograde into Aries before spending years in Taurus, those themes and issues that were seeded or obvious when Uranus first traveled direct across 28 Aries in April of 2018, could again demand attention as Uranus stations direct at 28 Aries on Sunday, January 6th, and remains direct at 28 Aries until early February.     

At the MC (Midheaven), not only the place of reputation and professional field, but authority and government itself, sits Saturn, in Capricorn, its sign of rulership. Saturn (structure and long-term use), conjunct Sun (illumination, fundamental character), and Pluto (metamorphosis, cooking things down to the most significant, ultimately generative needs). With the Sun so close to Saturn and the MC, character could be used when structure and authority seem to be blindsided.  With the South Node also in the 10th, there is a feeling of, “We’ve been at this a long time and already know full well how to structure things.” North Node in 4th house (roots, home) suggest that to focus work on provision, nourishment, ancestral foundations, the feminine principal, and caring for the public (Cancer) would be the place to seek success and progress, and imbue the work a sense of private strength and replenishment.

Members of congress, part of the government’s legislative branch, swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. On this particular day, it is expected that former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), will be re-elected as leader of the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, an Aries, has Saturn at 00 Taurus, and Pluto at 00 Leo Rx (conjunct the Uranus of the US Constitution, at 01 Leo). Uranus will conjunct her natal Saturn and square her natal Uranus, exact the first week of March. Many people feel the approach of those outer planets well before exact.  She is not unused to challenge and has been called the most effective House Speaker since Sam Rayburn. 

If we play with the words associated with the planets and signs involved, overall, we might hope for a transiting spark (Uranus) to leverage, structured (Saturn) creative genius (Uranus) for this Congress.  A few other Saturn words are border, durability, teaching. For Uranus, chaos, surprise, disruption.  When neglected, Saturn brings feelings of fear, weighted stillness, even depression.  Uranus is also technology and the electrical system of things. Aries wants to push forward, turn up the heat.  Capricorn wants to ensure for the long term, stand the test of time, do things right and reliably.

More to follow.

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