Full Moon and Moonset Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – August 18

The full moon in August takes place on Thursday the 18th at 04:27 a.m. (US CDT).  At moonset, there will be a penumbral eclipse, visible in much of North America.  Although only a small amount of the lower right side of the moon will appear to be sliced away, it doesn’t restrict the effect that one might expect with a full moon or lunar eclipse. Here are a few ways to think about it, to work with the energy, or to observe the effect it may have on others.

If you want to see the eclipse, you’ll need to find an unrestricted view of the horizon.  The eclipse only lasts about 40 minutes and begins at 8 p.m. (US CDT), just before moonset.  For more technical information, see earthsky.org and timeanddate.com

Fishermen use moon cycles to know when the tides will be right for a good catch.  Gardeners observe utilize moon cycles to know when to plant, harvest, fertilize, and prune for growth or to inhibit it.

In the spirit of the body being about 65% water in most adults, people who track the moon for also use the information to, among other things, cut their hair, lose weight, stop poor habits, or dissipate energy around something.  In this case, you may also ‘eclipse’ the energy.

The day after the full moon is a good day to change your diet to lose weight, to cut or remove hair to inhibit growth, or quit smoking.  Think of decrease and what you would like to diminish.  Pay a bill.  Cut the lawn.  You get the idea.

Eclipseis a noun — the event itself — and a verb.  The word comes from Middle English and French, and goes back to Greek ekleipein fail to appear, specifically from Greek ek out + leipein to leave.’   What would you like to eclipse?  

If you are already in tune with the planetary uses of days of the week, think of the day after the full moon as a Tuesday, with the energy of Mars cutting something with energy and determination.

The day after the 3rd quarter of the moon is another time to catch the diminishing energy of the moon.

Another eclipse energy will happen with the new moon in September.

Originally published Aug 17, 2016 (c) D Ellis 2016   Please request permission to repost.

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